Reality, not a reality show

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I recently had lunch with a group of co-workers, and to my surprise, I was the only person present that was not entertained by Donald Trump. It appeared that everyone there was concerned that Hillary may have pneumonia, and by God, no US president has EVER had pneumonia before; she is immediately therefore disqualified. Well, FDR was thrice elected having been a victim of polio, and William Henry Harrison died from a cold he caught during the inauguration, and James Garfield died, not from being gunned down in the street by a crazed gunman, but by the substantial medical care he received while trying to recover. In fact, here is a little secret, when you see the presidential motorcade traveling, at least one of those blacked out SUV's traveling in formation behind him, is an ambulance, so no matter what the president's immediate health is, someone is always at the ready to render medical assistance.

So on the same week when Donald Trump tells Matt Lauer "We're going to have to set up a court system within the military," (We have one, it's called the office of the Judge Advocate General, there was even a TV Series based on it) the media's primary concern is that

  1. Hillary coughed
  2. that cough turned out to be pneumonia and
  3. she didn't immediately call a news conference to discuss it.

Hillary Clinton has spent the last 2 years traversing the country, explaining and even refining her policies. Donald Trump on the other hand, has really announced only two policies,

  1. That we need to put a ban on ALL Muslims entering the country, until our representatives can figure out what the hell is going on, and
  2. That we need to build a wall, and make Mexico pay for it.

Here is a hint people, if you yourself know, that the only policies your guy has proposed are idiotic, insane, scatterbrained, hateful, bigoted, unconstitutional, and unenforceable, then you yourself aren't going to vote for that guy. Moreover, if you like Donald Trump because he's entertaining, I have to ask ... what about any of that is entertaining. What about his particular brand of hatred do you think will make this country a better place? Why do you believe he will be able to handle any issue, when his stock answer to any question is "We're looking into that" or "were going to put the best people on it." If, in fact, he knows who the best people are, then why doesn't he get them to run in his stead?

What's most disconcerting, is how the full press has crumbled like a failed full court press, simply in the interest of having a horse race, but here's the thing, when Secretariat was favored 5:1 in the Kentucky Derby, people still watched.  America fell for it in 2008 and again in 2012; you kept telling us, up until the last minute, "It's anybody's race". You even had poor Mitt Romney believing that he was actually going to win. Then, when on election day, it's once again a landslide, nobody bothers to explain why the polls were wrong. How can you continually pretend that Trump said something important, when you simply must know in fact, he said nothing.

In conclusion America, this is reality, not a reality show. Your forefathers secured for you, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The price you pay to enjoy those rights, is participating in the political process. Its up to you to responsibly consider the candidates for office and decide which candidate has the ability to lead this great nation. You don't vote for the guy you'd most like to have a beer with, you don't vote for the guy you think is the funniest, you don't vote for the guy with the best haircut, and in fact if you cast anything less than a responsible vote, you spit in the face of those very forefathers you claim to respect so highly.  

Get with the program America.