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Black Santa


For the last 22 years, Interstate Worldwide Relocation Services, in association with the US Marine Corps' Toys for Tots program, has passed out toys in the Barry Farms housing projects in South East Washington DC.  Though the owners of Interstate Worldwide Relocation Service are white, the Santa Clause they choose to use for their Toy Drive is black, as were many of the department store Santa Clauses upon whose knees I sat during my formative years growing up in the greater Washington area, and until this year, nobody seemed to have a problem with that. 

Obama Lied

  • God is love
  • Love is blind
  • Stevie Wonder must therefore, be God.

The above statements illustrate the danger of stringing together otherwise random facts, in order to draw a seemingly factual conclusion.  It takes the same type of disfunctional syllogism to arrive a the now popular assesment being recently forwarded about the Affordable Care Act

  • “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it…”
  • Insurance companies cancelled healthcare policies.
  • Obama lied.

First and foremost, no he didn’t.

The Failure of the 4th Estate


As, at the writing of this article, we are in the 15th day of a government shutdown, if you tune into your favorite news source, depending on your political persuasion, your opinions will be reinforced as the news deejays tell you why the other side is at blame; Ed Schultz will tell you it's the Republicans, Hannity will tell you its the Democrats, Rush Limbaugh will tell you it's Obama because blah blah blah, slur slur slur slur, hate speech hate speech hate speech (translation: He's Black).

I take however, a different approach.  We have come to this impasse, because the free press has surrendered its freedom. 

Nothing Prizeworthy


Roots Action has submitted a petition signed by better than 100,000 people online in support of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Bradley Manning.  Yes, the same Bradley Manning, charged with violating 34 sections of the Uniform Code of Military Justice,  Bradley Manning, who plead guilty to leaking military information, Bradley Manning, who will most likely spend a substantial part of the next 90 years making little rocks out of big rocks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

It's the Hoodie


Geraldo Rivera, who suggested in March of 2012 that Trayvon Martin was Partially responsible for his own death for wearing a hoodie, and then several days later apologized profusely saying

by putting responsibility on what kids wear instead of how people react to them I have obscured the main point that someone shot and killed an unarmed teenager,

and that he was offering a "sincere and heartfelt apology” to anyone he may have offended in his

crusade to warn minority families of the danger to their young sons inherent in gangsta style clothing; like hoodies.

Wait, that's not an apology, but I'm pretty sure he's taking it back anyway, because this weekend, he doubled down on the hoodie paradigm,