Why This Blog?

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Political discourse in America has been reduced to the extremes; there are no longer any voices in the center.  On the far right, Hannity, O'Reilly and Limbaugh attempt to muster the mindless masses with tales of hatred, paranoia and fear of The Other.  On the far left, Maddow, Hartmann and Schultz spew forth seemingly unending sesquipedalian narratives as to why Obama is too weak on this and Obama caved on that or Obama hasn't done enough to change the other thing. 

The problem however, is that most of us are not on the extremes. We know that the President is not a communist/socialist/stalinist/statist/facist/maoist/nazi as the likes of Michael Savage would have us believe, neither is he an ultra-conservative corporate minion as envisioned by some on the left.  All of the answers and most of the wisdom, must therefore be somewhere in the middle.

Don’t get me wrong, I am first and foremost a Democrat and a progressive, and in no way am I suggesting that the rhetoric on the far left is in any way equivalent to the bile and vitriol of the far right. I’m rather saying that the media, the fourth estate, the free press, the only profession specifically mentioned in the Bill of Rights is more concerned with fanning the flames of political unrest, than with informing We, the People.

This blog is therefore, my attempt at trying to put into perspective the topics of the hour. I invite you to read the articles posted hereon, share your thoughts and comments, and if you are so inclined, post an article yourself, HOWEVER, here are the rules.

Content will be periodically reviewed and items that do not fit the above rules will be deleted.